In 1853, our common ancestor David Mader left his homeland Germany forever, bringing with him his family and few possessions to build a new future in a free and democrartic country.

In a search to find out more about our family heritage we met many relatives who were happy to share their memories with us. A story of the Mader family unfolded that needed only to be written down. A story of courageous, self-reliant, hardworking and faithful people who made a difference in their time. We too, are an important part in the continuing link of the Mader Family.

We make a difference.

This genealogical work is not complete and only records information we have gathered so far.

Many dates found in census records, obituaries, history books, headstones etc. are conflicting and may vary slightly by a fews years. We used what appeared to be most accurate and the most consistent. Some deaths dates reflect the burial date taken from cemetery records, and others taken from obituaries and headstones may be slightly inaccurate. We apologize for any errors we may have committed.

We especially wish to thank Isabelle Anderson, Viola Winkel, Florence Hoff, Helen McHugh, Bill Schnell, Andy North, Bill, Frank, John and Ben Mader for sharing their stories. Also our daughter Susan who edited and typed this book.

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The History of the David Mader Family in America