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“Hello to all Maders, Just a quick “Hi” from yet another Mader. Hope this isn’t an inconvenience to any one. I am Greg Mader, actual birth name is Gregory. Live in Atlanta, GA now, but originally from Connecticut. As far as I know my family has been in Connecticut since the early 1900’s from Europe. I am one of only five telephone listings in the Metro Atlanta area, an area of just over 3.5 million people. Thought that the name was rare, but it may be more common than I thought. Glad I found this web site. Well organized and fun. Take care of yourselves. “
– Greg Mader, Atlanta, GA

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“I was just browsing through ‘’ and came across your site by searching for : Mader. I was just wondering if we could be related in some way. My maiden name is Mader. Do you have any relatives from the Michigan area? Let me know. “
– Mrs. Tina Tirsek, Michigan

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“Hello, Have been researching my family, Mader from Germany and trying all possible leads. My great great grandfather, William Henry Mader was born in Baden in 1830, he came to this country in 1844, when he was 14. we have been un able to determine who his parents are, whether or not he traveled alone. He married Anna Margaret Heinline in 1853 in Ross or Pickaway Co. Ohio. Some confusion over which county as they both have it recorded. I believe it was done by a minister in Pickaway Co. who traveled to other areas. he raised his 7 children in Chillicothe, Ohio, Ross county, died in 1895 and is buried in Grandview Cemetery in Ross Co. Could your David be the father or uncle to my Wm. Henry? Since it appears the dates are possible, I like to try all leads. Also since it is felt my Wm. H. came solo to this country. Could he have left first, being the oldest son? Any thoughts along this line would be helpful. Perhaps you have Mader notes from your research not yet tied into the family that would provide a clue for me. Many thanks in advance to any and all who take the time to respond to another Mader. Thanks. Sandy “
– Laurie Griffing, Woodbury, MN

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The History of the David Mader Family in America