Arthur Mader 1880 – 1950

Arthur Mader
1880 – 1950

The first son of Dominick and Mary, Arthur was born April 24, 1880 on State Road Coulee. Growing up on the brick yard, his job as a boy was to build the fires in the kilns. When his father sold the brick yard, Arthur was 26 years old.

Arthur never married. The ten years the family lived on the farm he helped his father run it. Later he and his younger brother Dominick became partners and bought the farm.

“Uncle Arthur was a loner. He would work with Dad and not say a word.” Bill Mader said. “He was the kind of guy you didn’t pay much attention to.”

“Art used to come over to visit uninvited. The family dreaded to see him come because he would just sit and not talk but maybe that’s kind of a Mader trait.” reflects Ben Mader.

Bill recalls:

“No matter how much snow or how cold the weather, Uncle Arthur would walk from the farm (Arrow Head Village) to Holy Trinity for Sunday Mass. He always wore his big heavy overcoat and cap with earflaps on his head. After Mass he’d go over to Strasser’s Tavern and have three shots and then walk home.”

In a local hospital on May 31, 1950, Arthur passed away at age 70.