Frank J. Boma 1873 – 1952

Frank J. Boma
1873 – 1952

In June of 1873, Frank was the first born of the Boma children. He was a bachelor and lived on the Boma farm until he was 56.

After his parents died of old age in 1930 and 1931, Frank stayed on to run the farm. “He wasn’t much of a farmer.” Andy North recalled, “After dinner he would sit and smoke his pipe for a couple of hours and the hired man was only too happy to sit with him.”

Soon he let it go into disrepair. Times were tough right after the Depression and the Boma farm went up for the Sheriff’s sale. Julia Schnell’s husband John put in a bid and got the farm.

There were hard feelings on Frank’s part. He had worked on his father’s farm all his life without wages. He wouldn’t stay on and moved to town where he lived with Alfred Oestreicher in his basement until his death at age 80.