Frank Mader 1923 –

Frank Mader
1923 –

The last child of Dominick Jr. and Edith Mader, Frank was born at 1530 Adams St. of Nov. 2, 1923.

Frank cut ice on the Mississippi River at age 17 for his uncle Gus. Instead of waiting for the draft he enlisted in the service during World War II. After the war Frank came home on September 26, 1945 he married Dorothy Eden. Frank drove a city bus for a short time before his uncle Gus offered him a job making cement blocks by the West Channel bridge.

This led Frank into starting his own pre-cast concrete business with his brother-in-law Frank Weiser. After several years they split up the partnership and started their own companies. Frank moved to his present location in La Crescent and his company is called Crest Concrete Products.

Frank and Dorothy are the parents of three children: Diane, Steven, and Gary. The home they built at 1504 Cedar St. in La Crescent, MN is near Frank’s plant and is connected by a private drive.

  1. Diane Mader was born Jan. 21, 1947. She is married to John Morrison who is an insurance man in La Crosse. They have two children:
    1. Matt Morrison is an adopted son born in 1973.
    2. Ryan Morrison was born in 1975.
  2. Steven F. Mader born on February 17, 1950 married Linda Kramer. Steven works with his father at Crest Concrete. Steve and Linda are the parents of three boys. [update]
    1. Andrew Mader born in 1979.
    2. Erin Mader born in 1981.
    3. Deke Mader born in 1985.
  3. Gary Mader born on July 9, 1954 is married to Mary Bell. He also works at Crest Concrete. Gary and Mary have four children: [update]
    1. Amy Mader born in 1976.
    2. Austin Mader born in 1979.
    3. Lee Mader born in 1981.
    4. Allison Mader born in 1983.