Jacob Boma Husband of Caroline Mader 1841-1930

Husband of Caroline Mader

In Baden, Germany, Jacob was born the son of Franciska Boma in July of 1841. He served in the army under Kaiser Wilhelm. Jacob had said, “If Kaiser Wilhelm told you to climb up that wall, you climbed up the wall!” He immigrated from Germany in 1865 with his father, three sisters; Salomea, Sophia and Caroline, a brother Martin and a nephew Sebastian.

The Boma farm was originally his father’s but upon his father’s death in 1875, Jacob took over the farm. At this time Jacob was 34 and had married Carolyn Mader three years previously. The Platt Book records the Boma farm to be large even in 1874 and by 1906 it consisted of 380 acres.

Andy North related the following story of his Grandpa Jacob having had too much to drink:

“He didn’t know two sheets to the wind and pulled into the wrong farm where he unhitched the horse. The horse took off for home and Jacob had to walk. The next day he had to go back and get the wagon.”

Jacob lived to be 90 years old, a resident of La Crosse county for 65 years. He died in his home November 5, 1930.