Lambert Mader 1914 – 1980

Lambert Mader
1914 – 1980

The last son of Joseph and Angeline, Lambert was born on October 29, 1914. He was nicknamed “Bobie” which meant a “small boy”in German.

As a young man, Lambert went to St. Louis to study for the Brotherhood. He became a novice and taught in one of their high schools. When it came time to take his final vows, Lambert couldn’t accept the vow of poverty, so he went to college in New York City because the colleges were like public schools and anyone could go.

While out East, Lambert married Louise Harms. They had no children but Louise had a child from a previous marriage. They made their home in Washington D.C. where Lambert was employed as a bookkeeper and his wife sold real estate. Louise passed away in 1960.

One day in the fall on 1979, Lambert came back to La Crosse and checked into the Stoddard Hotel with no money and all his belongings in a suitcase. The next day, his brother John was called and he came to collect Lambert and pay his bill. Lambert wasn’t well. He spent some time in a La Crosse Hospital where he died of heart failure on February 11, 1980 at age 66. John paid the hospital bill.

Lambert was cremated and his ashes were buried on top of his father in the Catholic Cemetery. His only assets were a note for something he had sold, the income of which was a $120.00 a month.