Marcus Mader 1910 –

Marcus Mader
1910 –

Mark was Joseph and Angeline’s third son born on May 19, 1910.

Mark had lived in Washington D.C. before he joined the Army where he worked in the Army Finance Office in New Delhi, India. On his discharge from the service in October of 1945, Mark came back to La Crosse for a short time before returning to Washington D.C.

Mark received a job in Civil Services through a typing contest which he had won. A position he was to keep for 40 years.

At the age of 36, Mark married Mary Bianca on January of 1946. Mary was from New York City and was living in Washington D.C.. Soon after their marriage, Mark and Mary bought a brick row house in Georgetown, six blocks from the Capital. (1)

They had three daughters: Francis, Catherine, and Florence.

In October of 1969, Mark’s sister Helen and her husband Lester visited them. Two weeks later Helen had died and Mary became ill with Bell’s Palsy. They could not go to Helen’s funeral because Mary needed to be hospitalized. Mary never came home, she died in the hospital in 1970.

Over the years Mark had collected over 40 restored antique violins with a value of over $1,000.00 apiece. As a young man in La Crosse, Mark played the violin in an orchestra with his brother Joe. Mark started playing when he took violin lessons from the nuns at Holy Trinity Grade School. Mark also had collected a complete set of National Geographic, dating back forty years.

  1. Francis Mader was born on September 13, 1947. She married William Harris in 1974. Francis is employed by the University of Virginia working in an office and William is a Sergeant in the Sheriffs Dept. of Loudoun Co. Virginia. They reside in Centerville, VA and have one daughter:
    1. Judith Harris born on March 14, 1976.
  2. Catherine Mader was born December 21, 1948 and in 1972 married Charles Malina. Catherine is a data processing computer operator. She and her husband have divorced. They had one daughter.
    1. Vanessa Malina born on May 6, 1977.
  3. Florence Mader the last child born July 18, 1951 married Toni De Somma in 1979. Toni is a contract administrator for Syscon in San Diego, Cal.. They are the parents of two girls and are expecting a son in October:
    1. Monica De Somma was born April 18, 1980.
    2. Melissa De Somma was born on March 28, 1984.
    3. Expecting a boy in October of 1986.


(1) Mark has been living in the house up to the present time. The real estate value of Georgetown property has greatly appreciated. Homes selling for well over $200,000.00.