Edwin Schnell 1910 – 1963

Edwin Schnell
1910 – 1963

Edwin was the first child born in 1910 to John and Julie Schnell.

In a hunting accident at age 16 Edwin lost part of his arm. He was picking up his shot gun when it discharged up his arm.

Edwin served in World War II and was stationed in Greenland. He later was employed by the City of La Crosse.

Edwin was joined in marriage to Myrtle Biessel and they had four children: Steve, Susan and twins Scott and Sally.

At age 53, Edwin died of a brain hemorrhage on March 28, 1963. Myrtle remarried and now lives in West Salem.

  1. Steve Schnell is married to Anna who is the mother of three children by a previous marriage: Lisa, and twins Tim and Trent. Steve is a maintenance supervisor for Norplex in La Crosse and he has two children from a previous marriage.
    1. Mike Schnell born in 1966.
    2. Barbara Schnell born in 1970.
  2. Susan Schnell married Tony Krajewski and they reside in Onalaska. Susan and Tony have two girls:
    1. Michele Krajewski born in 1970.
    2. Kim Krajewski born in 1973.
  3. Scott Schnell is a twin to Sally born July 7, 1954. He is a computer engineer at Trane Co. in La Crosse. Scot married Judy Pretasky and they are the parents of three children:
    1. Matt Schnell born in 1976.
    2. Melanie Schnell born in 1980
    3. Kevin Schnell born in 1982.
  4. Sally Schnell is Scott’s twin sister born on July 7, 1954. Sally is married to Dennis Miller who is a printer. They have two sons:
    1. Josh Miller born in 1975.
    2. Justin Miller born in 1978.