Florence (Mader) Hoff 1911 –

Florence (Mader) Hoff
1911 –

Florence was the second daughter born in 1911 to Frank Jr. and Madgaline Mader.

Florence married a Norwegian, Olaf Hoff. Olaf worked in the bank and everyone in town knew him. At one time he ran for Mayor of La Crosse.

Florence and Olaf were the parents of two children, Joel and Mary:

  1. Joel Hoff married a girl named Marsha.Joel works with the I.R.S.. They live in Onalaska and have two sons:
    1. Mark Hoff born in 1976.
    2. Brian Hoff born in 1978.
  2. Mary Hoff was born in 1937. She is married to Curtis Allen.They are retired teachers and live in La Crosse.