Isabelle (Mader) Anderson 1905 –

Isabelle (Mader) Anderson
1905 –

Isabelle was the last child of F. Henry and Anna Mader born on October 1, 1905. Of three children, Isabelle was the only one to grow to adulthood.

On May 9, 1935, Isabelle was joined in marriage to Walter Anderson. He was the son of Andrew and Lena Anderson. Isabelle’s parents thought a lot of Walter. He owned Anderson Tire and Recapping located on State St. in La Crosse.

Walter and Isabelle lived at 1106 Winnebago when all three of their children; Stephen, Elizabeth, and Susan were born. In need of more bedrooms, they bought a home on 149 So. 23rd St. The children attended Blessed Sacrament School. Wally became interested in his son’s ball teams and became acquainted with Father Sullivan. This led him to become a convert.

The Anderson’s enjoyed playing euchre in the evenings with friends. Isabelle said, “We had a wonderful life together but it was too short.” Walter passed away in January of 1960.

Isabelle is in a wheel chair due to arthritis and lives with her daughter Susan at 808 So. 6th St. in La Crosse.

  1. Stephen Anderson was born December 15, 1935, the only son. He graduated from St. Mary’s College at Winona in 1959 and works for the WI Tax Dept. On June 18, 1955, he married Joan Schubert of La Crosse and they have three sons and two daughters:
    1. Mike Anderson–born May 20, 1956. He and his wife Shelley live in Wisconsin Rapids and have two children:
      • Bradley Anderson–born April 20, 1981
      • Lisa Anderson–born April 20, 1981
    2. Dan Anderson–born on Dec. 6, 1958. He and his wife Cindy have one child.
      • Lindsey Anderson–born July 29, 1986
    3. Patti Anderson–born Dec. 27, 1959, married Jeff Brown. They reside in Wisconsin Rapids, WI and had one child born in 1986.
    4. Tom Anderson–born in 1961. He is married to Cheryl and they have no children. They live in Minneapolis, MN.
    5. Joan Anderson–born in 1964. she is married to Tom Rehberg and they live in Wisconsin Rapids with one child:
      • Jeremy Rehberg–born Aug. 9, 1986
  2. Elizabeth Anderson was born on October 4, 1937. Betty is a nurse. She was first married in 1965 to Orvis Buchholtz of La Crosse. They had three children; Stephanie, Walter and Todd. Oliver died in 1970 and Betty married Robert Boenigk. Robert and Betty had one daughter, Lisa. Robert also passed away.
    1. Stephanie Buchholtz–born Dec. 30, 1958 and married Mike Galstad. They have two children:
      • Tiffany Galstad–born Dec. 9, 1976
      • Jeffrey Galstad–born July 16, 1979
    2. Walter Buchholtz–born May 3, 1960 and he and his wife Kathy are parents of two girls:
      • Nichole Buchholtz–born Sept. 21, 1983
      • Shannon Buchholtz–born Dec. 20, 1985
    3. Todd Buchholtz–born on July 11, 1963. He worked at the Country Kitchen on 7th and King Streets in La Crosse.
    4. Lisa Boenigk–born on Sept. 9 1968 and graduated from Logan High School.
  3. Susan Anderson was the youngest child born on Nov. 29, 1941. Susan never married. She works at the St. Francis Medical Center and lives at home taking care of her mother.