Mary (Mader) Herman 1889 – 1978

Mary (Mader) Herman
1889 – 1978

The last child of Dominick and Mary Mader. Mary (Mamie) was born March 9, 1889.

Mamie was the wife of Adolf Herman. They lived in Arvado, Colorado, and did not have any children. They owned a chicken ranch and later sold the land to the Academy in Colorado Springs.

When she died in May of 1978 at age 89, Mamie left an estate of over $200,000.00 and had money in 17 banks. She left money to both a Lutheran and a Catholic church, to numerous organizations in Colorado and in La Crosse, and also gave her nieces and nephews $10,000.00 each.

Frank Mader recalls seeing his Aunt only twice in his lifetime.