Rosa (Gantert) Mader Wife of Frank Mader 1840-1908

Wife of Frank Mader

Near the Swiss border in Baden, Germany, Maria Rosa Gantert was born February 18, 1840. In 1872, when she was 32 years of age she came to America, then to La Crosse and four years later married Frank Mader.

“Skill she acquired as a girl cooking at some of the resorts in the Swiss Alps soon made her famous as a culinary expert here — a fame still mentioned with reverential awe by the remaining few who were fortunate to sit at her table.” La Crosse Tribune “Prominent in City’s History” (1)

Viola Winkel said Rosa went to Switzerland because of skin problems which cleared when she drank goat’s milk.

Stephen Gantert, founder of the Gantert Furniture Co. was Rosa’s brother and known were her three sisters living in La Crosse, Mrs. Agatha Groman, Mrs. M. Josepha Peters, and Miss Philippine Gantert. The family did not immigrate at the same time.

After an illness of only a few days, Rosa died unexpectedly in her home on January 7, 1908 at age 68. Frank Jr. thought the cause of his mother’s death was appendicitis. Her husband, all her children and her sisters were at her bedside.


Mrs. Frank Mader, Sr. died Monday night at the home of her son, Frank Mader, Jr. 1502 South Thirteenth Street after an illness of only a few days. Her husband, all her children and sisters were at the bedside when the end come.

Mrs. Mader was born the 18th day of February, 1840, in Baden, Germany. She came to La Crosse in the year 1872 and on the 24th day of February was married to Frank Mader, who with three sons survives her. They are Henry F. Bookkeeper for James J. Hogan, Joseph and Frank, members of the well known firm of Reuter and Mader. The decease also leaves three sisters, Mrs. Agatha Gromann, Mrs. M. Josepha Peters, and Miss Philippine Gantert, all of this city. Deceased was also a sister of the late Stephen Gantert.


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