The Mader Stone House ca. 1856-1860

ca. 1856-1860

After the Maders —

1899 — Theodore sold the farm to Sara Hodge.
1902 — Sara Hodge sold to B.H. Sheffer of Sparta for $10,000
1911 — B.H. Sheffer sold to John Knoblock for $4,800
The Knoblocks were neighbors of the Maders from the top of Irish Hill. They gave a lot of parties with violin and accordion music in the stone house, which were attended by members of the Mader family in the area.
1947 — John Knoblock sold to Wm. Knoblock, no price given
1958 — Wm. Knoblock sold to Dr. George Murphy for $30,000
Dr. Murphy remodeled the stone house. He closed up the front door on the west side and made the living room into a den in which he used weather beaten boards off an old shed to insulate the stone walls. The two bedrooms downstairs became a sewing room and bathroom. It is believed the brick summer kitchen was torn down to build the new two-story addition in redwood siding. The new part included a kitchen and a two-sided fireplace between a new living room and dining room. (The “160 acres” was sold to Hass, a neighboring farmer, probably by Dr. Murphy
1977 — Mrs. Murphy sold to Raymond Hudson, no price given.
Ray Hudson subdivided David’s original “40 acres” into five acre lots and is presently selling them. Ray’s son is living in the stone house which now sits on five acres.