Catherine (Delphenich) Mader Wife of Theodore Mader 1858-1931

Wife of Theodore Mader

Catherine was born in Iowa of German parents from Prussia in October of 1858. Her husband was thirteen years older than she. Kate survived him by three years and they are buried by her parents, Canton and Catherine Delphenich, in the La Crosse Catholic Cemetery.

Florence (Mader) Hoff remembers her great aunt Kate as being very stern. She said, “They had their squabbles. Once Theodore came over and exclaimed, ‘I wish the battle-ax would die!”

“She heckled the heck out of him.” William Schnell said. He recalls his great uncle Theodore coming over when he was a boy and saying, “She has a tongue like a rattlesnake, club her to death and her mouth will still go!”

Julie (Boma) Schnell told her children, “Aunt Kate cut her yard with a sickle in the moonlight. No one else did. She was so meticulous.”